Can CBD Calm the Nervous Flyer This Holiday Travel Season?

Anxious flyers try all kinds of panic-reducing methods to help them get through air travel. But have you considered using CBD? CBD is the non-psychoactive component of the cannabis plant and it has been gaining more and more attention recently as a way to combat anxiety – especially the kind that crops up when you have to travel.

CBD oil is a natural extract of the cannabis plant. It doesn’t make you feel “high” like THC does, but it can calm your nerves and make you feel more relaxed. It’s a natural product and it is legal to purchase and consume while you’re traveling. Just make sure you are only carrying the amount allowed by TSA (3.4 oz. or smaller) and that the oil is only composed of CBD and not a combo of CBD and THC.

Depending on the concentration in the bottle, CBD oil can be quite potent, so you must read the label as the recommended dosage will vary depending on the sensitivity and size of the person. We recommend dosing 45 minutes to an hour before flying – that way, the effects will set in around the time you are taking off. Many people report that it has calming effects and will make them drowsy and peaceful during flights- a very helpful thing for a nervous traveler

Air travel can be stressful. A lot of people report having anxiety around missing flights and connections, turbulence while in the air and other concerns related to their personal safety on flights. CBD oil is a great way to combat this nervousness and help you ease your anxiety while traveling.

Other pharmaceuticals like Xanax and Klonopin can be highly addictive – and also hard to get a prescription for. CBD is available to anyone and can definitely take the edge off and help you catch some Zzz’s on a long flight.

The fear of flying can be intense! Don’t put yourself under unnecessary duress when you can have a few drops of CBD oil and let go of some of the anxiety you have surrounding travel.